Join Us

In order to qualify as a member of member of ENTERTAINMENT EXPLOSION, you need to be 50 years of age or older.  Part of our Mission Statement states “we offer members the pleasures of rehearsing and performing in friendly, supportive settings.”


We welcome singers, dancers, comedians and persons interested in working “behind the curtain” as stage managers, sound technicians, set designers, and anyone who can play instruments.


Members are expected to perform in at least two small shows a year in order to be eligible for participation in the Really Big Shoe at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts each February/March.  This grand production is a fund-raiser for the homeless and needy children of Thurston County.


Membership dues are $25 a year for individuals and couples.  Upon request for membership, an application will be sent for completion and return.  Applicants will then be notified of an informal audition  or interview.


To apply, please download the application here, call 360 529 2101. and request an application, or email us at